Exhibition 2021 - Anne

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  • Blue Boat at Rock

    Blue Boat at Rock
  • Early Morning, Dartmoor

    Early Morning, Dartmoor
  • Gate to Dartmoor

    Gate to Dartmoor

  • The Lonely Walk

    The Lonely Walk
  • Tide's Out

    Tide's Out
  • Sunset after Storm

    Sunset after Storm

  • Turquoise Sea

    Turquoise Sea
  • Ebbing Tide

    Ebbing Tide
  • Wild Seas

    Wild Seas

  • Summer Shadows

    Summer Shadows
  • Daisy at Rock

    Daisy at Rock
  • Distant Church

    Distant Church

  • One Man and his Dog

    One Man and his Dog
  • Boats at Anchor

    Boats at Anchor
  • Bridge Reflections

    Bridge Reflections

  • Mountain Reflections

    Mountain Reflections
  • Near Trebah

    Near Trebah
  • Near Prince Hall, Dartmoor

    Near Prince Hall, Dartmoor

  • Close by Prince Hall, Dartmoor

    Close by Prince Hall, Dartmoor
  • Old Barn, Bodmin

    Old Barn, Bodmin
  • Springtime, Respryn

    Springtime, Respryn

  • Pentire Rocks

    Pentire Rocks
  • Tranquil Woodland

    Tranquil Woodland
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