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  • St Enodoc Church  SOLD

    St Enodoc Church SOLD
  • Stormy Skies

    Stormy Skies
  • Sunset after the Storm

    Sunset after the Storm

  • Full Tide, Boscastle

    Full Tide, Boscastle
  • Cliff-top View

    Cliff-top View
  • Wintry Moonlight

    Wintry Moonlight

  • After the Storm SOLD

    After the Storm SOLD
  • Near Prince Hall, Dartmoor

    Near Prince Hall, Dartmoor
  • Wintry Gate Dartmoor  SOLD

    Wintry Gate Dartmoor SOLD

  • Bellever Woods, Dartmoor  SOLD

    Bellever Woods, Dartmoor SOLD
  • Withypool Bridge

    Withypool Bridge
  • Frosty Woods

    Frosty Woods

  • Sunlit Sea

    Sunlit Sea
  • Rock Sailing Club  SOLD

    Rock Sailing Club SOLD
  • Deep Midwinter

    Deep Midwinter

  • Pentire Rocks

    Pentire Rocks
  • Misty Winter Walk SOLD

    Misty Winter Walk SOLD
  • Pencarrow


  • Distant Hills

    Distant Hills
  • Road to Respryn

    Road to Respryn
  • Post Bridge, Dartmoor  SOLD

    Post Bridge, Dartmoor SOLD

  • Gate to Dartmoor

    Gate to Dartmoor
  • Tranquil Respryn

    Tranquil Respryn
  • Pencarrow Lake

    Pencarrow Lake

  • Dartmoor Spring

    Dartmoor Spring
  • Tide's Out

    Tide's Out
  • Truro Cathedral

    Truro Cathedral

  • Mist Clearing

    Mist Clearing
  • St Michael's Church, Porthilly  SOLD

    St Michael's Church, Porthilly SOLD
  • Road to St Minver

    Road to St Minver

  • Wild Seas

    Wild Seas
  • Egloshayle Church

    Egloshayle Church
  • Evening Shadows

    Evening Shadows

  • Ancient Barn

    Ancient Barn
  • Into the Mist

    Into the Mist
  • Rydale, Cumbria

    Rydale, Cumbria

  • Moorland Stream

    Moorland Stream
  • Dartmoor Bridge

    Dartmoor Bridge
  • Early One Morning  SOLD

    Early One Morning SOLD

  • Bedruthan  SOLD

    Bedruthan SOLD
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